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Planning Your Next Renovation

bookThe key to any successful home renovation or home improvement project is found in careful planning and a solid understanding of what you hope to achieve and why.

After reading this simple and straight forward reportĀ "Planning Your Next Renovation Project"- you'll be more than ready to decide exactly what room you'll be renovating, how you'll be changing it, and what flooring, wall coverings, appliances and/or fixtures you'll be adding and/or using.

Using the information included in this report you'll be able to make all the necessary decisions before getting started. This way there won't be any surprises your budget can't handle.

You'll learn how to gather all the information you need for yourself and your contractor - so that the project turns out exactly the way you want it to.Never again go into another renovation project blind and ignorant of what's going on.

Armed with the information you'll find in this easy-to-read renovation planning guide - you'll soon find yourself well on your way to a relaxed, successful, on-budget, and home value-increasing renovation.

Just fill in the blanks below to get your copy today.

How to Have More Time for the Things You Really Want to Do

bookDiscover simple secrets for powering through your house cleaning with these tips from the Pros:

  • Follow these 10 simple rules and you'll be cleaning with minimum effort and maximum results
  • With this checklist (that you can print out) you'll never forget a housekeeping chore again
  • Create your own "green" cleaning products
  • With these 10 bathroom cleaning tips you're bathroom will shine like never before
  • Keep your hardwood floors clean with these 6 tips

If your life is filled with tasks and responsibilities that claim all your time then this ebook is for you. Filled with tips and tricks that will help you streamline your housework process so that there's more time for the things you'd really like to do.

Have More Time For The Things You Really Want to Do!

Power through your house cleaning with these simple secrets from the Pros

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What Other Say

Hi Mike, Just want to say how thrilled we are at this stage with the tiling that Darin, Josh and Mike have been working on. We are so pleased with their work and professionalism; your crew are a credit to you.
See you soon!


Dear Mike,
I count the day I met up with you, your company and your crew as a lucky day indeed. Here's what I like:

  1. Work commenced when it was supposed to
  2. Such pleasant young men who obviously like their jobs, know what they are doing and are easy to communicate with
  3. The work is top notch... nothing sloppy about these guys
  4. Renovations are messy---that's a given---but these guys did their best to clean up each day
  5. and, the final clean up was amazing. No one would know that the carport and patio area had been a workshop.

I have no hesitation in recommending D4 Construction to anyone.


Hi Mike,
I wanted to say thanks for the work you and your guys have done. It is always top quality. Have a great summer.


Thanks for all your help in choosing the products for our bathroom. You have a great team working with you. The definitely take pride in their work!

Andy & Barb

Your crew, at D4 Construction, does first-rate work.


Thank you for a job well done --- Ericka

We highly recommend your company to anyone looking for renovations to their home

Gary & Lynda

Hi Mike!
I was hugely impressed with your guys! WOW - great personality, knowledgeable - and they make a terrific team working together!

I don't think I have ever had a D4 employee work in my house who was not from the same mold! Thank you!


Hi All,
I really appreciated the prompt response to my water problem. As always, D4 was great.



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