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8 Simple Secrets to Enjoying
Stress-Free Remodeling Projects

Dear Friend,

Have you heard them? "The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has faded from memory."
Remodeling horror stories carefully whispered behind closed and tightly locked doors? Home improvements stories that make even the strongest go weak in the knees. The terrors of...

  • Contractors absconding with the home owner's hard earned money
  • Houses ruined instead of renovated Jobs that just go on and on...
  • Homes collapsing because a bearing wall was moved... "by mistake"
  • Remodeling projects left ... half finished
  • Patios sinking away from the home

"My wife and I just bought a new house. Instead of moving in right away, we decided to do some renovations so that we could really call it "our home"...

"But then the contractor disappeared with our money, half way through the project. Luckily we paid according to progress of the work. But still, we were left with a half finished house and we had to add more money to get it finished.

"So we brought in a second contractor. This contractor got the job done. But the floor was not flat, the sink was slanting to one side, the tiles were crooked. Man, a number of things really went really wrong.

"Oh yeah, in case you are wondering, this contractor vanished to thin air too. I wanted to call them up and get them to fix all these but I couldn't find them anymore…

"Now we have a house which we seriously need to fix. I can't imagine the heartache it'll be walking into our own home, looking at all of those ugly mistakes."

This Remodeling Story Could Have Ended Differently...

...If He'd Known The 8 Simple Secrets

... our friend above wouldn't have found himself listed among the ranks of the "Abused & Misused". If he'd been equipped with this home remodeling secret weapon he could have saved himself vast amounts of time, money, aggravation, heartache and headache.

Instead he could've had bragging rights --

"With thumbs hooked in his suspenders, head held high, eyes bright, he wowed his listeners with tales of 'his friend, the exceptional renovation contractor'.

Jaws fell open as they listened to tales of worry-free bathrooms, a stress-free kitchen, the structurally sound skylights - that didn't leak!

They gazed at his beautiful home in amazement and envy. How, how had he managed to do all these home improvements without any problems? They crowded around him eagerly asking questions..."

These secret "home improvement" steps are so simple and straightforward that you'll knock yourself in the head and wonder why you didn't think of them yourself.

But in a world as busy as ours you can't possibly be on top of everything that happens. You simply don't have the time and energy to know and/or research everything.

So we, at D4 Construction, decided to take all the guess work and research out of the equation for you. Armed with the following 8 Simple Home Improvement Secrets you'll ensure that you don't become another "Horror Story" statistic the next time you decide to remodel your home.

So What are These 8 Simple Home Improvement Secrets?!!

Print out this 8 Step Litmus Test and keep it handy for the next time you or a friend plan a remodeling project - it could very well save you from being numbered among the ranks of the "Abused and Misused".

Check out the following 8 criterion when hiring your renovation contractor:

  • Reputation
  • Trustworthy
  • Knowledgable
  • Good Communicator
  • Prompt
  • Clean
  • The Right Fit
  • Written Proposal

To see the detailed list print out the 8 Step Renovation Contractor Litmus Test now

Use your first meeting to check out how the remodeling contractor stacks up against the 8 criterion listed above. If he doesn't - go on to the next one.

Don't let empty words and promises and a low-ball estimate fool you. If he doesn't pass the litmus test... MOVE ON!

This all Sounds Great But I Just Don't Have Time to Find a Good Remodeling Contractor...

Not everyone has the time to do the leg work needed to check out all 8 criterion. That's why we, here at D4 Construction*, decided to do the legwork for you.

(* located in beautiful Kamloops, BC, Canada)

So How Does D4 Construction Inc. Stack Up Against the 8 Step Litmus Test?

Since its beginning D4 Construction’s owners, Mike & Joanne Spruyt have had a vision to make remodeling your home the joyful and pleasurable experience they believe you have a right to expect when remodeling your home.

  • REPUTATION: At D4 Construction we take great pride in the quality of workmanship we offer. This attitude has garnered us an enviable 99.98% customer satisfaction rate. We would be pleased to supply you with a list of happy customers on request.
  • TRUSTWORTHY: Our word IS our bond, if we say it - it will happen. As a matter of fact, many of our customers will only trust D4 Construction, so much so, that we're the only ones they'll call when they have any remodeling work to do.
  • KNOWLEDGEABLE: A combined 39 years of experience in the building industry means a wealth of knowledge to draw from in the home improvement and remodeling industry -- from small home repairs to complete custom homes to apartment buildings. You can be rest assured your home improvements or remodeling project will not only be high-quality, but also carried out in a professional manner.
  • GOOD COMMUNICATOR: At D4Construction we take the time to listen to your wishes and wants. We'll work closely with you to create a quality finished home improvement project that will leave you smiling and give you THE "Bragging Rights!"
  • PROMPT: At D4 Construction we are committed to getting your remodeling project done in a timely manner and within the prescribed time. We're always available for you if you have any questions or concerns and we promise to return your calls ASAP.
  • CLEAN: We take whatever steps necessary to make sure that we contain the mess of remdeling your home as much as is humanly possible. We respect your property and will treat it as if it were our own.
  • THE RIGHT FIT: What can I say... Our customers like working with D4 Construction. Give us a call and see if you don't feel the same way.
  • WRITTEN PROPOSAL: If you choose D4 Construction you will receive a written proposal that outlines exactly what you will and won't receive as part of your remodeling project. No hidden costs. No cost overruns. No surprises.

For a Guaranteed, No-Risk, No Pressure, Free Consultation
Give Us a Call Today:

250-572-4812 Kamloops, BC, Canada

and ask for Mike or...



"You have nothing to lose with our 100% ironclad customer satisfaction guarantee!"




At D4 We Make Promises with Confidence
Because We Know We Can Keep Them

D1 - Your renovation (as outline in the contract) will be done for the price specified

D2 - Your home improvement project will be completed the way YOU want it done

D3 - If you aren't satisfied with the finished renovation (as per contract) we'll fix it for free

D4* - All renovations come with a 2-year warranty on workmanship only- (unfortunately we can't warranty against product failure - but we do our best to source and use the most suitable, stable, and appropriate products for your remodeling project)

No need to decide right now whether or not D4 Construction is a good fit for you. Just give us a call and we'll be happy to come out and talk with you about your remodeling project. If you don't like what you hear, or for some reason we just don't hit it off, you've lost nothing more than 30 minutes of your time.

Give us a call or drop us a line today. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Here's how to get started right now!

To book your appointment today simply call Mike at:

250-572-4812 Kamloops, BC, Canada

OR Email us

P.S. To find out if a stress & worry free remodeling project is in your near future - call us and book your FREE appointment today.

P.P.S. With our iron-clad 4-part guarantee you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. This is one decision you'll never regret.

Committed to Excellence

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What Other Say

Hi Mike, Just want to say how thrilled we are at this stage with the tiling that Darin, Josh and Mike have been working on. We are so pleased with their work and professionalism; your crew are a credit to you.
See you soon!


Dear Mike,
I count the day I met up with you, your company and your crew as a lucky day indeed. Here's what I like:

  1. Work commenced when it was supposed to
  2. Such pleasant young men who obviously like their jobs, know what they are doing and are easy to communicate with
  3. The work is top notch... nothing sloppy about these guys
  4. Renovations are messy---that's a given---but these guys did their best to clean up each day
  5. and, the final clean up was amazing. No one would know that the carport and patio area had been a workshop.

I have no hesitation in recommending D4 Construction to anyone.


Hi Mike,
I wanted to say thanks for the work you and your guys have done. It is always top quality. Have a great summer.


Thanks for all your help in choosing the products for our bathroom. You have a great team working with you. The definitely take pride in their work!

Andy & Barb

Your crew, at D4 Construction, does first-rate work.


Thank you for a job well done --- Ericka

We highly recommend your company to anyone looking for renovations to their home

Gary & Lynda

Hi Mike!
I was hugely impressed with your guys! WOW - great personality, knowledgeable - and they make a terrific team working together!

I don't think I have ever had a D4 employee work in my house who was not from the same mold! Thank you!


Hi All,
I really appreciated the prompt response to my water problem. As always, D4 was great.



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